Views on Education, My Favorite Links

I decided to add this page with the intent of storing web sites I think are worthwhile for me to return to in order review these sites. All I will do here is post links to articles, YouTube, or other media and perhaps add comments. Of course all will be related to improvement in our education system and art education.

I will start with a University of Arizona site that has one of my lessons published. This lesson has several extensions meant to help those who are learning English. Part of being a teacher these days requires that you are trained to teach to people who do not speak our language. My lesson at this site is a high school art lesson on color theory and the Fauvism period. Teach them all the rules and then have them break them is the idea here. You can find this lesson at:, click on the high school art lesson.

I was really moved by the following speech given by  Temple Grandlin this past April, 2011 in Indiana. Much of her background and expertise is in animal husbandry. But, she is a visual thinker. She describes in her speech how visual thinkers think and how the other types of thinkers think and all must work together to make things work right. What is strongly expressed is that our education system, in its desire to show success with its rigorous testing and standardization, has completely missed the fact that visual and hands on learning are also very important. Too often  Visual Art and hands on have been dropped to make time for teaching to test well and memorize.

So if you have 52 minutes this is worth the time to listen, enjoy!

For more about the author she has the following web site:

Another favorite speaker of mine is Sir Robinson. The following YouTubes are of two of his presentations I enjoying listening to.


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