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Monsoon 2014

Posted in Photography Fun on July 10, 2014 by lindsayjanetroberts

sunset 7-9 4

Our sunsets and cloud formations in Arizona cannot be beat when it comes to monsoon season.

sunset 7-9 3 7-9 sunset 1 sunset 7-9 2 our .1 %22 on 7-8-14

7-21-14-3 7-21-14-2 7-21-14-1







Flowers of Costa Rica

Posted in Photography Fun on July 6, 2014 by lindsayjanetroberts

Costa Rica is so rich with flora. There is an incredible amount of flowers found in the rainforest. I included one butterfly picture from the National Museum in San Jose and a picture of a guanabanana. The latter appears to have some major medicinal properties that are being studied. I know of one case where a breast tumor was reduced in size by over 80% in just one month by taking an herbal supplement made from this fruit. This fruit was photographed right outside of COSI in Manuel Antonio Beach.

flower 1 d4 huge orchid flower a1 flower 2b DSCN3445 copy corn flower 2 web bird view corn flower web corn flower 1 red 1 large orchid 2 flower d flower c flower b flower a flower  e flower2 guanabana flower 1b flower 2b flower 3b flower 4b flower 5b part of the national museum butterfly exhibit

2014 blooms

Posted in Photography Fun on April 26, 2014 by lindsayjanetroberts

Having some spectacular blooms out of our garden this year.#3 3-31 #5 3-31 #4 3-31 #2 close up #1 2014 last of the blooms for now close up web rosesweb web 4-25-14


6-6-14 almost done blooming web

Spring Colors on Slavin Gulch Trail, 4-5-14

Posted in Photography Fun on April 5, 2014 by lindsayjanetroberts

spring 2 web spring6web spring5web spring1web spring 4web


Sunset that evening from home was pretty nice. Had a hole in a cloud to get this image:

4-5-14 sunsetweb


Clouds in the mountains

Posted in Photography Fun on November 24, 2013 by lindsayjanetroberts


11-24-13 11-24-13sunrise

Fall Colors, 2013, November

Posted in Photography Fun on November 11, 2013 by lindsayjanetroberts

Went for a hike in the Dragoon Mountains, Slavin Gulch Trail  today. Took a few photos of the fall colors we have here.

fall 1 fall 2 fall3 fall4 fall5 fall6 fall7 fall8 fall9

Spring Break 2013

Posted in Photography Fun on March 16, 2013 by lindsayjanetroberts

Such a short visit this time. Only two days to sail and the rest was working on the boat or exploring the beach right outside our apartment. Tons of birds and fish to see right outside our door. The Volkswagen Black Widow was one we tried to photograph before. Finally Rick pulled over so I could get a shot not going 70 mph around a corner. Much easier to focus this way. An interesting sculpture and way to use an old car body in the middle of no where about 10 minutes south of Hermosillo, MX.

beach web beach2013web breakfast with a view captain lindso web puffersweb gaggle of pelicans 1 so many of them web lack widow web

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