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2017 work done in the classroom by me.

Posted in Misc. Art Works on September 3, 2017 by lindsayjanetroberts

Made my students do medical illustrations with a twist using oil pastels. Not an easy feat when trying to do details. My sample of a human heart with worms:

After the medical illustration we are trying cubism. We are using conte crayon and charcoal fro our cubism. My owl cubed:




Phoenix Summer Institute AP Studio Art Training

Posted in Misc. Art Works on July 7, 2017 by lindsayjanetroberts

I will start this post and add to it when this is all over. This year we had a homework assignment to start before the training starts. Our homework, create 2 pieces that are opposites on 8.5 by 11 paper. So I made two drawings one in blue one in orange. One is a fish; and one is a bird. The whole week we had to crank out drawings. Some I like some I am not  too happy about but when you realized how little time went in to it they are not too bad for quick sketches. Easy to tell which is which.

birdman web414243454648474940


Oil Painting

Posted in Misc. Art Works on June 20, 2017 by lindsayjanetroberts

I have not touched this medium since college, 37 years. After watching a Youtube on how to do it with out brushes and using only your fingers (with gloves on) I am giving it a shot. I want to use a knife at least for detailing but have resisted so far. I can see where using just the fingers for a very large painting would work. But this is 16″ by 16″. Steady as she goes, not done yet…

Nope, did not like that tree in there. A few more color layers to go yet till I am satisfied.


Final oil paint by finger…

Many layers and many colors… “Sunrise”

sunrise oil by fingers


Posted in Misc. Art Works on April 2, 2017 by lindsayjanetroberts

I was never really a fan of collage because many people who say they cannot do art say they can do collage. For some reason that seemed like a cop-out statement to me. But there are many wonderful collages out there by artists who understand composition and how to play with images.

I assigned my students to do a collage with the stipulation they must show values with it. So far none of them are getting it. But, I hope they will study my sample and figure it out. At least I made it in front of them so they have no excuse of my not showing them how to do it.

Most of this is newspaper. The lips are all meat and red fruit ads. Recognizable objects acting as hair are from magazines.



Another Ceramic Heater: “Harambe”

Posted in Misc. Art Works on March 3, 2017 by lindsayjanetroberts

I am getting the hang of these. Each one is an improvement from the last. One more thing, my husband kept telling me it is a shame there is no way to show off the face when not in use. Each piece actually can be set up so the face stands up and looks out.


My Drawings

Posted in Misc. Art Works on July 22, 2014 by lindsayjanetroberts

Thought I better start this thread. I have done several drawings in the past year as assignments I make my kids do in class. This top one however is in the planning stage. Am going to introduce Zentagle art and I think I took this one a little bit too far?




Drawings I have done in the past…

Posted in Misc. Art Works on April 25, 2013 by lindsayjanetroberts

schnebly hill web old man in ink

The top drawing I did from a photo I took of Schnebly Hill near Sedona Arizona. It was all done in pastels. I am following the drawing style of my grandmother, impressionism.

The bottom drawing is also from a photo I saw in a magazine many years ago and was done with India ink washes.

Both these drawings are over 20 years old. I thought I better record them before they fade any more than they have already. They are still in good condition and are hanging in the gallery in my home.

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