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Copper Box

Posted in Giftware on August 14, 2017 by lindsayjanetroberts

Another daughter of a dear friend got married recently. I am late in getting this off but then the marriage was a last minute thing. This is solid copper with druzy blue agates and a single blue agate.


Frame of copper as a gift

Posted in Giftware on June 23, 2016 by lindsayjanetroberts

I really should make more of these for galleries. This one is for my Pseudo Niece who is getting married in a week. And yes I did draw the card in the frame and used Photoshop for the lettering.

caity's wedding gift


New Ornaments Out of Recycled Copper Wire

Posted in Giftware on November 17, 2011 by lindsayjanetroberts

Had a very special customer who ordered these for Christmas presents. One was a repeat of an earlier ornament that is in a gallery. I could not get it exactly like the other piece. It is too difficult if not impossible to get the same results when you torch cut copper. The piece at the bottom has a heart inside. It is sort of difficult to make out and photograph. Below the pink pearl heart hangs a smaller dangling heart.



Wedding Cake Topper

Posted in Giftware on June 11, 2011 by lindsayjanetroberts

I was going through some old photos today in search of a photo of this piece. I made it for a friends’ wedding. It was our gift to her for the wedding.

These can be ordered custom-made up to four weeks before the wedding to give ample time to create and ship. This one was the theme of hearts and leaves. Just about any theme can be ordered to suit the needs of the bride and groom. You just need to contact me to place your order.

Copper PIcture Frames Using Recycled Copper Wire

Posted in Giftware on April 22, 2011 by lindsayjanetroberts

Two of these frames were for wedding gifts. You cannot lose on giving a one of a kind piece of functional art for a wedding gift.

One frame is a mirror that sold at a gallery.

Any size can be custom made. It is usually best to go with a common size in case the glass ever has to be replaced. (Common sizes are what you would find at a “box” store or your neighborhood hardware store. Although many hardware stores will custom cut pieces for you).

Since these are custom made so you need to contact me for a quote.

Copper Quilt pieces Made of Torch Cut Copper and Recycled Copper Wire

Posted in Giftware on November 29, 2010 by lindsayjanetroberts

I was demonstrating at Tubac during the Black Friday weekend of 2010. For my demo I made these 6″ quilt pieces for Feminine Mystiques annual December quilt. Drama was my subject, comedy and tragedy.

Copper Ornaments Using Recycled Copper Wire

Posted in Giftware on October 3, 2010 by lindsayjanetroberts
These are a part of my line of CurlyCU. No two pieces are alike, all are one of a kind.

With the holiday quickly approaching I decided to make a few more ornaments for the galleries. Horse items do seem to sell well in Arizona.

Since I have been working on portraits made of copper I decided to make a few “face” ornaments that are much smaller in scale. These are not meant to be any particular person and are meant to be more whimsical. I have been calling these pieces my “Ornamen”. The middle two photos are about twice the size of the top ones.

The bottom two photos are of torch cut ornaments. These were an experiment in using the heated droppings of torch cut copper.

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