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Copper Masks

Posted in Copper Portraits on May 15, 2011 by lindsayjanetroberts

The first photo was made for a Halloween costume. I was experimenting with torch cutting and this was one of my first attempts.

The next two photos were made consecutively out of scrap copper and wire I found in the studio. Both have fresh water pearls woven into the piece.

The next four photos are a continuation of the previous two. These were assembled using smaller pieces of torch cut copper pieces soldered together. All of these are incorporating pearls with one using prehinite in addition.

The last mask is a recent addition.


Curly Moon and Fractured Moon, Scrap Sheet Copper and Recycled Copper Wire

Posted in Copper Portraits on April 27, 2011 by lindsayjanetroberts

This was a left over piece of torch cut sheet copper that happened to be in the shape of the moon. I had it sitting around in the studio for a while and decided on an inspiration to make a moon face out of it.

The bottom photo is called Fractured Mon. It was made of scrap copper and assembled with wire.

Copper Animals

Posted in Copper Portraits on March 16, 2011 by lindsayjanetroberts

I have these metal bats an artist up north had made that I purchased close to fifteen years ago. He still makes these pieces but in more of a production way.  His computer has the pattern recorded and it cuts his steel for him so all he has to do is assemble the piece. (I have a few of his earlier pieces before he started the computer production of them and I really like them).

A neighbor of mine wanted me to duplicate his bats so she could purchase it from me. Now I do not mind borrowing ideas and making the work my own in style. I just do not feel right duplicating another persons creations. Plus I used to make bats out of tin ware and marbles that were my own design. Now that I work in copper I decided to take the challenge and make a bat.

I did a little bit of research because I wanted to make a bat that is local to my area. I found a species that is called the southern long nosed bat. It lives in southern Arizona and northern Mexico. I think their faces are rather cute.

The top photo was the first one I made. After getting together with my neighbor and discussing what she wanted the following bats that are torch cut versus snip cut were what she ended up with. The middle photo is a grouping to get an idea of sizes. The last photo is of a fifth bat that was built later when my neighbor decided she needed one more bat. It is a small one with open wings.




Torch Cut Faces

Posted in Copper Portraits on February 14, 2011 by lindsayjanetroberts

These two pieces are experimental works using oxygen and acetylene to cut the pieces and obtain bright colors.

Adult Faces

Posted in Copper Portraits on February 14, 2011 by lindsayjanetroberts

The top two faces have already sold in Bisbee Arizona. One went to a customer in Sierra Vista and the other went to a Salon in Wisconsin appropriately called “Tangles”. The rest of the portraits are for sale through me or various galleries.


















A few more different faces of adult females:















Animal Faces

Posted in Copper Portraits on February 14, 2011 by lindsayjanetroberts

I have done animals in recycled metal for a long time. Making copper portraits of them is a bit more time consuming; yet it is rewarding.













Children’s faces

Posted in Copper Portraits on February 14, 2011 by lindsayjanetroberts

Children’s faces are so expressive. They just do not have the control adults have with their expressions. Their expressions on their faces are so pure, which makes them great subjects to portray.

I really enjoyed making these faces.  I use ice water right after heating the copper to get color. You tend to get brighter colors with extreme temperature changes.




















A few more delightful faces:



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