Cooper’s child Sebastian

I got an order for this after the first FABTECH show where Cooper made his debut. Like Cooper I am keeping track of his gestation as he is being made.

Had to make some adjustments, a fatter belly and neck extension was off a bit. The latter made for a very long neck and after 1/2 hour work I got it redone to looking more like the dog itself. Now for more features after this step. 6 more hours added to 3 so far. The bottom 3 are just about 1.5 more hours more of getting the face rounded out and filled in some before features go on like ears.



Most of the features are finished. The next step is grinding it down to get rid of excess weld spots. Some of which are hindering the effect of some features like the wrinkles on the brow. Need to wait for a non windy day to get the grinding done. Must be done in the morning to avoid wind. I may have to wet down the grounds before I start.


The longest part because of fire caution is the finishing part. I have to start early in the day and only work an hour. Plus I have to wet down the grounds so I do not start a fire. So after 2 hours of grinding welds this is what is done so far. After I grind the welds I polish the piece which takes less time and has fewer sparks.


One last step after these up coming photos. That will be a brass envelope chewed up hanging out of his mouth. Polishing done. I did not like the brand of tools I used compared to what I got from Norton. Dewart just does not add up. But at least it turned out good in the end.

And that is how you build a bulldog. Fini!






2 Responses to “Cooper’s child Sebastian”

  1. Tracy Muller Says:

    Lindsay, My husband Troy and I are the recipients of this masterpiece! We are over the moon with our gift from our friends Steve and Michelle. It is something we will treasure forever. Even the real Sebastian likes it. What an amazing talent you are!
    All the best Tracy Muller

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