Firepit/Outdoor Fireplace

The following piece is a work in progress. This photo was taken before the roof was lowered and before the door installation frames were installed. This was the first test fire.

After noticing some draft issues and trying to install a pipe for smoke on top I had to do some redesigning. I needed a way to keep smoke from going out the sides and create an upward draft. So the next idea is to create more of an enclosure and removable doors for 3 sides for when the fire gets too cool. The walls to enclose the frame-work of the doors have been made but not installed yet. It has been too windy and dry to work on this piece for a while.

Finally, after months of not being able to weld because of drought and wind conditions, I have finished this piece to where it is functioning the way it was intended. I have closed off the sides a bit, reduced the height, added more roof line, and have attached an interior spark screen and some pipe. I may change the top pipe, I am not sure if it needs to be this high. Each side has a door to close off the fire. This arrangement works well here because our winds come from all directions and you have to be prepared for a switch in wind direction anytime you are burning. Now instead of a weird fire pit, it looks sort of like a hobbit home. I suppose that still makes it a weird fire pit.

When we burned this last Friday evening. We tested every configuration to see how it works. That evening we had winds from several directions because of drafts from nearby storms. When we were finished there was still wood in the pit burning and we closed off all doors. (Never at any time during this testing did we experience smoke getting trapped under the patio roof like before. We no longer have to be concerned about being smoked out). Saturday morning there was only ash. All the wood burned.

The next test I might try is to see if I can use this as a low fire burn for ceramics; bury the pottery (greenware) under a hot fire then close the doors and let it burn out till morning and see how it fired the clay. But I will have to purchase some clay and make some art before we get to that point. Photos of the finished work are below. I am thinking I will not paint it but allow it to rust all over and let the heat color it. Any suggestions?


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