Misc. Art works

Human heads:

The following piece I call Magma Man.

One of the recent pieces I made was intended at first to be a fake rock to cover an above ground septic pipe at my house. I started with a wood, cardboard and chicken wire armature that would fit over the pipe. I then used insulation foam from a can to create the images seen here (side and frontal views). What is interesting and difficult to mange is the outcome of the piece. The initial application of the foam expands four times its size within 24 hours. It took a lot of calculating and playing with a wooden paddle for the end result. To color the piece so that it would fit in its’ surroundings, I used spray glue and hands full of dirt and krylon.

Magma man went through some changes over the past year. The Arizona sun was beating down too much and the krylon did not hold up. The insulation foam was going bad so I covered him with stucco. Unfortunately the stucco destroyed the integrity of the piece so I had to chip it off and start over with a protective cover. Since I had some very blue oil enamel paint I covered him with it and went crazy with color decor much like the masks I made out of plaster. To heck with blending in, this guy really stands out!

This next piece was created during the spring semester of 2008. I was entered in the fast track program at the University of Arizona in order to get a Masters degree in one year. During this time I was also teaching a 3-D art course at Cochise College in Sierra Vista. One assignment I had was to sculpt a human head. I like to create next to my students, and this piece was my project. Some of you who remember Monty Python might recognize this as being similar to some of the graphics on their BBC show. I relate it to all the information that I crammed into my head that semester. I call this piece: “Fast Track Brain Damage”.


One of my favorite lesson plans is my mask making lesson. Part of the lesson consists of having my students make a mask that is a self portrait that does not have to look like them but be about them. I even have my students do a cultural research into their own family background so that they may incorporate that/those culture/s into their masks. I worked on several masks for samples for my students.

The one that is my self portrait has an interior with wording done as if it were graffiti. All of the masks have a bit of recycling on them. If you look closely they all have bugs and bug wings on them. I am recycling my cat’s recent toys.

The copper mask was added in 2009. It is made from sheet copper and cut with a torch. The heat from the torch is what made the rich colors in the copper. This one will be worn for halloween this year along with my graduation gown. The deep blue color of my gown will set off the rich colors in the copper.


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