Underwater Photography

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Since my birthday last year every time I have snorkeled, I have taken my trusty point and shoot Nikon with its plastic sleeve with an extra lense with me. I thought underwater photography would be easy and was surprised to find the elements I had to deal with. First off I wear trifocals, so focusing turned out to be an issue as well as reading the back of the camera to make adjustments. The other surprising thing I should have thought about but do now is that water acts as a lens. Any way today I looked through some of my favorite photos and posted them here to share.

jelly 2 copy jelly fish copy texture and light copy fish 2 copy school copy 2 fish 1 copy 2 clam with jaws copy 2 urchin 2 copy sharp copy sea cucumber blue starweb blue star copy star fish 1 copy chocolate chip starfish copy 2

January 10, 2015

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pic 1 copy pic 2 copy pic 3 copy


A few pictures from our back yard. And look who is supervising:


2014 Ornaments

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ornament 4 ornaments 1 ornaments 2 ornaments 3

2014 pumpkin

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Got to teach carving to my advanced art students in Bisbee. Here is my sample to show them how to carve depth into a pumpkin and not carve a traditional style pumpkin.

pumpkin 2 copy pumpkin 1 copyThe end.

before copy after copy

More colors from Monsoon of 2014

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Top photo is a storm to our north. Middle photo is our sunset. Bottom photo is east looking at the Dragoon Mountains. Incredible colors last night…storm 8-15
8-15-14 sunset dragoons 8-15

9-7-14 Norbert is keeping monsoon going. Sunrise today with clouds hanging in the mountains:

sunrise with the nail lizard

9-11 to 13 weekend..

Playing with a different camera…

9-13-14 clouds rain copyTropical storm Odile left us with some interesting skies on 9-18.

dragoons coulds 1 clouds 2 clouds 3 rain 1

Sunrise 9-20-14

9-20-14 sunrise

9-27-14 Monsoon still hanging on.

7-29-14 2 9-27-14 1

My Drawings

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Thought I better start this thread. I have done several drawings in the past year as assignments I make my kids do in class. This top one however is in the planning stage. Am going to introduce Zentagle art and I think I took this one a little bit too far?



Below are samples I did for my students. The photos are not the best since I used my phone. The top one is a still life done in homemade charcoal. The next one was an exercise in count our lines using colored pencils. Following that is impressionism done with tempura paints followed by three shading techniques in graphite.

still life with value scale contour line wrapped animal impressionism three shading techniques

Monsoon 2014

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sunset 7-9 4

Our sunsets and cloud formations in Arizona cannot be beat when it comes to monsoon season.

sunset 7-9 3 7-9 sunset 1 sunset 7-9 2 our .1 %22 on 7-8-14


7-21-14-3 7-21-14-2 7-21-14-1


West sunset and east rainbow…



8-9-14 lots of rain today. .65 inches and storms gather around us then colliding. Was fun to watch.




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