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The following attachment is a PDF file which is my current resume. This resume shows my teaching experience as a volunteer, substitute, workshop instructor, and various other venues. It also contains information of shows and art exhibits I have participated in as well as publications I have been involved with. Past job experiences are included. Not all volunteer experiences are included; that would take up too much room.


I am a metal artist. I have been working in metal since I was 12 years old. I was first known as a tinsmith while I lived in Ohio. When I moved to Arizona in 2005 I had difficulty finding the base metal I used to work with, (which is what is used for under slate roofs in the east). The last few years I worked in tin I was incorporating recycled metal with the tin into my sculptures. The slide show below is from my brag book that I used during my tin smithing years in Ohio.


I also tinker with other recycled materials. Some of these can be found under Misc. Art works. But I have to admit I love working in metals.

While we (my husband and I) were building our house I noticed a lot of scrap copper wire being left by the electricians. I started to work with the wire and created a line of work that I sell under the name of CurlyCU. My copper gate that I made has led me into more directions to go with my desire to work in metal. Now that I have welding equipment, I am expanding on larger projects using steel and copper. I am also working on a line of recycled metal art using found metal objects.

During the years 2008 and 2009 I attended the University of Arizona to get and M.Ed. so that I may teach secondary art. I like working with middle school and high school students. They seem to inspire my own work and I love seeing their perspective of art and the world around them. My hopes are to find either a part time or full time position within an hour drive of our new home. I love teaching and making art. Teaching is inspirational and a continuous learning process. This is necessary for an eager learner like me. Making art is like breathing; it is a must for my own survival and sanity.

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